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Glow Up with Atlanta-Based The Neon Company

The Neon Company sheds some light on its local luminescent masterpieces.

One of The Neon Company’s pieces at Inman Park’s Bread & Butterfly

The Painted Duck

A clever creation made specially for Gino’s East of Chicago in Virginia-Highland.

Recess at Krog Street Market

The Neon Company has a sign of its own inside the workshop, of course.

A detailed design for Edgewood’s Noni’s restaurant

I’d be lying if I took credit for introducing you to The Neon Company. The truth is, you’re already superfamiliar with the Atlanta-based business—you just don’t know it. If you’ve ever spent the better part of your weekend bingewatching The Vampire Diaries (guilty) or Stranger Things (also guilty), or were the first person in the theater with popcorn at the ready when Baby Driver and Avengers: Infinity War hit the big screen, then you’re practically an ambassador for The Neon Company. “We’ve worked on a couple hundred films, including some in the old days before Atlanta became the film center it is today,” says The Neon Company founder Gregg Brenner. “Virtually every day, we produce a new sign. We make small and large signs, simple and complex signs, art and utilitarian signs, signs for mom-and-pop markets, signs for Fortune 500 companies, signs for movies and TV production.” The list, quite literally, could go on and on, especially since Brenner has been running the biz since the early ’80s. (His first project was for a small restaurant in Little Five Points.)

At the top of his list, though? “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” he says, without hesitation. Adds Vyvyan Hughes, an artist for The Neon Company, “We had an entire set of neon—filled up the stage down at Pinewood Studios. Large robot girls, small robot girls, moving parts and abstract shapes. ... This set was a neon lover’s dream.” And the team doesn’t just tackle Hollywood productions. From hot hangout spots like The Painted Duck, Monday Night Brewing and Ponce City Market, where TNC’s animated Grinch hands come to life on The Roof during the holidays—a staple on Insta along with Switchyards Downtown Club’s “Made With Soul in Atlanta” sign—to buzzy restos like Little Trouble and The Vortex, The Neon Company continues to leave its glowing mark all around ATL. @the_neon_company